After more than 15 years as an editor of the Cochrane Methodology Review Group, the founding Co-ordinating Editor, Andy Oxman, has stepped down from this role. We are enormously grateful to Andy who established our editorial processes and led the Group with his colleagues in Oslo through our early years. He continued to provide considerable support when the Group’s editorial base moved to Oxford and then to Belfast, helping to ensure the quality and relevance of our output. Andy’s insight, collaborative nature, rigour and friendship laid the foundations for our Group, and much of the methodology infrastructure of Cochrane.
The Cochrane Methodology Review Group is the Cochrane Review Group responsible for Cochrane methodology reviews. These are a special type of Cochrane review, examining the evidence on methodological aspects of systematic reviews, randomised trials and other evaluations of health and social care. They are published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in the Cochrane Library, alongside Cochrane reviews of the effects of interventions, of diagnostic test accuracy and overviews of Cochrane reviews. The reviews are widely cited, and our Group-specific indicative Impact Factor for 2014 was the highest of any Cochrane Review Group, at 24.400.
The Methodology Review Group has no dedicated funding but the editorial base for the Cochrane Methodology Review Group is based in the Northern Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research in Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland. If you would like to find out more about the Group, please contact the Co-ordinating Editor, Mike Clarke (m.clarke@qub.ac.uk).