The Cochrane Methodology Review Group is the Cochrane Review Group responsible for Cochrane methodology reviews. These are a special type of Cochrane review, examining the evidence on methodological aspects of systematic reviews, randomised trials and other evaluations of health and social care. They are published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews in the Cochrane Library, alongside Cochrane reviews of the effects of interventions, diagnostic test accuracy, prognosis and overviews of Cochrane reviews. If you would like to make a proposal to do a Cochrane methodology review, please use our form, which is available here.

The Methodology Review Group has no dedicated funding but the editorial base for the Cochrane Methodology Review Group is based in the Northern Ireland Methodology Hub in Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland. If you would like to find out more about the Group, please contact the Co-ordinating Editor, Mike Clarke (m.clarke@qub.ac.uk).

COVID-19: The Cochrane Methodology Review Group is, like other Cochrane Review Groups, identifying which reviews might be relevant to the response to COVID-19. We will seek to make the key information in these as available, accessible and understandable as possible. These will include our reviews on the effects of stategies to improve recruitment and retention in randomised trials, which may be relevant to trials of interventions for COVID-19, of interventions to mitigate the effects of the response to COVID-19 on other areas of health and social care, and of pre-existing trials that are struggling to continue or complete.

Relevant reviews are listed below and you can jump to them by clicking on the title:

Strategies to improve recruitment to randomised trials

Strategies designed to help healthcare professionals to recruit participants to research studies

Factors that impact on recruitment to randomised trials in health care: a qualitative evidence synthesis Podcast available here

Strategies to improve retention in randomised trials

Information from these reviews is being used in Trial Forge Evidence Packs to help those designing and conducting trials. These provide up-to-date summaries of evidence for trial process interventions. They are available free here.

Cochrane has produced special collections of intervention reviews which are available from www.cochranelibrary.com. Evidence Aid is preparing COVID-19 summaries for relevant systematic reviews, which are available at www.evidenceaid.org/coronavirus-covid-19-evidence-collection.